Loss Used Forge

Loss FMZ Used Forge

Year of construction 2010, in excellent condition, completely overhauled with replacement of electric ignition lock.
Maximum operating temperature 1280 °.
It can be used to make damask, but with some precautions that will be given to you by the manufacturer.

General construction notes of the FMZ Forges

The Loss FMZ Forge has the same structural characteristics as the FMX model. The substantial difference is in the management of the air-gas mixture which, not being managed and dosed by an electrical panel with ATR 170/171 processor, will make the forge operate intermittently. When the preset temperature in the microprocessor is reached, the burner will switch off and then switch on again to go back up and correct the required ramp. Automatic ignition. Operating temperature 1200° C. Double opening mouth for passing irons. Easy storage thanks to the wheels on the pedestal.

Power: n.01 burner kcal 25.000
Ignition: electronic
Flame control: electronic
Internal coating: fibers refractory material resistant to 1450° C
Fuel: LPG, methane, propane
Voltage: 220v
External dimensions: mm w 960 x h 1840 x d 780
Chamber dimension: mm w 280 x h 200 x d 450
Metal insertion slot: mm w 280 x h 90/150
Consumption: 3-5 lt/h

  • Automatic air / gas mixing
  • Opening on both sides for iron passing
  • CE mark